Basic Shooting
– PLN 140 / 1 person

– UZI submachine gun 5 shots
– Glock Handgun 5 shots
– AK-47 Assault Rifle 5 shots
– Shotgun 5 shots

A+ Shooting
– PLN 199 / 1 person

– UZI submachine gun 10 shots
– Glock Handgun 15 shots
– AK-47 Assault Rifle 10 shots
– Shotgun 5 shots
– Handgun 10 graded shots

Advanced Shooting
– PLN 299 / 1 person

– UZI submachine gun 15 shots
– Handgun Glock 17 shots
– AK-47 Assault Rifle 15 shots
– Shotgun 7 shots
– Handgun 10 graded shots

Extreme Shooting
– PLN 399 / 1 person

– UZI submachine gun 20 shots
– Glock Handgun 20 shots
– AK-47 Assault Rifle 30 shots
 Shotgun 10 shots
– Handgun 10 graded shots

There is an option of shooting other interesting firearms! 

– Gun
– Shotgun
– Rifle

– Basic
– Advance (only after having demonstrated the appropriate qualifications)
– Elite (only after having demonstrated the appropriate qualifications)

– Sport shooting
– IPSC shooter
– IDPA shooter
– 3 GUN shooter
– Green Tactics
– Red Tactics
– Rope Tactics

The price offer is determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the needs of a particular customer or customer group. Our offer will be gradually expanded on the basis of the profession of new collaborators in PactArms.


I am an expert in national security. I was educated by such outstanding lecturers and experts on the subject as:
– dr Mieczysław Bieniek – former head of the Allied NATO Transformation Command in Norfolk, Virginia.
Janusz Kręcikij – former commander-in-chief of the National Defense Academy. He was there when I defended my master thesis written under the direction of Professor Sławomir M. Mazur. The thesis is titled “The role of shooting clubs in the defense system of Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic”. A certain part of its content was implemented in the current defense doctrine of our State.

I became interested in shooting in high school. It began in 1984 in SKS Elektron – a school club. After many perturbations in my life, I returned to shooting in 2010. During a safari diving trip in Egypt, IPSC shooting became my inspiration – thanks to one of the bosses of the Grotgun Company.

In 2010 I finished the Shooting Sport Instructor Course signed by the Ministry of Sport and Tourism, and received the title of shooting sport instructor. Also, I finished the Dynamic and Practical Shooting Instructor Course and went through a very intensive training with automatic and smoothbore weapons.

However, my shooting career started in 2012 because not all the people related to shooting were kind to me. I was very motivated to reach my goal even though I had to fight with many obstacles. During these 5 years of intensive training and numerous IPSC competitions in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria and Portugal, I have gained and continue to gain a lot of experience in this sport. I have personally met the world’s leading IPSC players and to this day I stay in touch with them, and I cooperate with some of them in the PactArms project.


If you are wondering whether you can choose IPSC or maybe IDPA or maybe a more complex shooting formula like 3GUN, then I will tell you that the impossible does not exist! You can do it if you believe it! Because of my own – not quite right – life choices, I was forced to perform such shooting practices as the Dry Fire Practice on ASG replicas for five years.

I had no choice but thanks to that, I proved to myself and many unbelievers that I can do it! One of my favourite life mottos is:

“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environemnt where excellence is expected.” (Steve Jobs)

I wish you the same or greater perseverance.

See you at the shooting range!

Rafał Czarnecki

Shooting Range Krakow | PactArms



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